About Starcresc Interactive Media

Who We Are

Starcresc is an interactive multimedia company that specializes in website design and development, print and web graphic design, video production and editing, and various multimedia, branding, marketing and creative services.

Since 2009, previously known as “Crescendo Interactive”, we have offered website design and development services to Buffalo and all of Western New York. In 2012, the company was relaunched as “Starcresc” with a renewed vision and focus on providing a variety of other multimedia services in addition to its core offerings of website design and development.

The asterisk symbol - symbol of the company

In 2015, Starcresc has expanded even more and has partnered with industry-leading experts in their respective fields to be able to offer even more exciting solutions including copy-writing, marketing services, networking and IT services, and computer repair.

In 2017, Starcresc has added additional exciting lines of service offering freelance consulting and web services to Buffalo-area Web and IT companies.

In 2020, Starcresc celebrated its 10-year anniversary! We re-launched our branding with a new logo and a new website following shortly after as well.

Our Mission

  • To excite viewers with impactful interactive media,
  • to aid others through the use of the technology,
  • and to help businesses grow and succeed in their market.

See how we do just that. Check out our work and project portfolio, or browse our web services and/or our marketing services.

What’s In a Name?

In programming, the asterisk symbol (*), also known as “star” on modern devices, generally stands for “everything”. In musical terms, a crescendo represents a gradual increase in loudness or intensity. Together, the two form the basis of our company; We wish to excel in everything we do, and we aim to gain insight from, innovate, and inspire others with, technology.

Our logo represents a shooting star to which we strive as a company. There are no limits other than our own imagination. There are billions of stars in the night sky, but the shooting star draws your attention because it shines brighter and moves faster while on its way to its unknown destination. Please join us on our interstellar journey.