We all have something unique to share with the world, unique personalities, and differing opinions. Your business is an extension of that. Personify your business as a person. Who is s/he? What are his/her goals? Is he/she fun to hang out with? Can I have his/her number?

Imagining your business as a person is the best way to start developing a personality for your business. Determining its goals, how it responds to situations and ideas, and how it interacts with the world. In reality, your business IS a person, at least to your customers.

We all think of Wendy’s as a snarky little girl, we all think of Ronald McDonald as a friendly (but somewhat creepy) clown, and we all think of Colonel Sanders as that wacky old man with the delicious fried chicken. These are all examples of branding. The individuals at that company may be nothing like that, but as a whole, the business represents itself in a specific crafted way.

At Starcresc, we can help you to develop this brand identity, in addition to all the aspects that go into creating a complete brand including your business website and your marketing materials.

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