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Web Development

The saying goes, a building is only as strong as its foundation. That same tired saying rings true to website development as well. You can build a really great website that does thousands of things, but as time goes along the infrastructure crumbles and you’re left with the Stonehenge of websites.

We build modern websites utilizing WordPress, a comprehensive and fast backbone that powers more than 35% of the Internet’s websites. WordPress is constantly being updated and improved with new features and bug fixes all the time, ensuring your website can be updated and maintained almost indefinitely.

Many times we inherit a website that comes to us in shambles. Questionable practices by a previous developer lead to a website that is cumbersome not only to users to use and update, but also to the web developer that needs to make changes. The site may perform slowly or not at all due to conflicting code and bloat if attention is not paid to keep the website codebase clear and concise, well-commented, and with compatibility in mind for the future.

In many cases, poor structure can lead to needing to completely rebuild the site just to be able to add new features to a site. We ensure our websites are built using the most modern and up-to-date code and optimized assets, using only well-known and supported plugins when needed. This ensures your site can be updated safely now and into the future without compatibility issues or headaches.

Trusting your website developer to build you a site with the best user practices and coding standards is sometimes a difficult task. This is why it is important to have a website developer with an open line of communication about why things are built the way they are and the experience to program them that way in the first place.

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