Web Strategy

How do you know if your website is working? How can you gauge the effectiveness of your marketing dollars and your actual cost at the end of the year? Where did your clients come from, and what did they like most, and how much did it cost to secure that client? That’s a lot of questions, and without the right strategy they can all go unanswered.

Businesses love data. We love shiny charts that show exponential growth, but what do we do if the chart is going the opposite way? How do we turn around a sinking ship or tell that the ship is sinking in the first place?

Web marketing campaigns such as Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, are all ultra-effective means of driving traffic, bolstering sales, and delivering deep insight into the types of customers and potential searching for your business. Through in-depth analytics we can learn what they buy, how they think, where they go, what they like, what they dislike, and which competitors they’ve been to first.

We can help you to setup ad campaigns, analytics, and social tracking which provide your business with all the tools necessary to learn as much as possible about visitors and clients alike. Implementing feedback forms, customer surveys, and split-testing are all powerful tools to glean endless insight into the minds of a consumer.

At Starcresc, we’ll help you collect this data and try and help you to make sense of it so you can discover trends and insights into your customers and potential customers. The power of web analytics is a tool your business needs to have at its fingertips – what you do with that knowledge from there is up to you.

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