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April 2020
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COVID-19 Coronavirus – Our Response

Hello, we hope everyone is staying safe. We’ve been following the news on COVID-19, the coronavirus, very closely and wanted to clear up any confusion to our clients or potential clients.

In Short:

  • We are avoiding face-to-face on-site meetings to prefer phone calls or conference calls
  • Our Working Hours are slightly modified as follows:
    Monday – Thursday 10 AM – 4 PM until further notice.
  • Still reach out to us at anytime 24/7 with the support ticket system or via email or leaving a voicemail message and someone will get back to you.

We are continuing to work just as normal – if you need us feel free to reach out using the support portal, via email, or any of the ways in which you have contacted us in the past.

However, please excuse our rudeness as we request conference calls or remote meetings instead of face-to-face meetings for the foreseeable future.

Otherwise, we at Starcresc remain committed to assisting our customers in any way possible without any change to operation. We know due to the various states of travel and operating laws many small businesses like our own are hurting or going to be hurting over the next few weeks. We are monitoring and assessing the situation to determine how we can best provide relief to our clients during this difficult time. We will have a further update on that in the coming days and weeks.

We also would like to stress the importance of small businesses during this time. They are the lifeblood of our economy and many will be brutally affected by this tragedy. If at all possible, please remember to shop local and support your small businesses before your “big-box” chains.

** If you or a loved one are experiencing any signs or symptoms, or generally feeling unwell, please refer to the CDC Center for Disease Control website for more information and symptoms of COVID-19 as well as next steps and important resources: **

Stay safe and stay healthy. Sincerely,
~Your friends at Starcresc

Thank you for choosing Starcresc to service your Internet and web service needs!