Why Choose Starcresc?

There are hundreds of WNY and Buffalo area companies. Why should you choose us? Here’s our answer:

  • Experience – We have been designing and developing projects across various industries for over 10 years. We know how to build a great website that looks great and functions even better. From simple landing pages, to informational websites, e-commerce websites, and communities across residential, commercial, and industrial industries we will apply all of our experience to every step of the process and guide you to the best possible result.
  • Hand-Crafted – We meet individually with every client to get an understanding of them, their wants and needs from their project, and their business and culture overall. Care is taken to integrate what we call the “authentic self” of the business into the project as this authenticity is what makes people want to do business with you.
  • User-Focused – The user experience is our top concern, and something which sets us apart from many other companies. While the project should look great, it also needs to function well for its desired purpose with a clear means of inspiring users to take action. Whether that be visiting a website, submitting a form, making a phone call, or attending an event, the project needs to effortlessly guide users to the desired outcome in a way that is unique and efficient while remaining natural and familiar.

Our services include:

Web Services

Website Design, Web Development, Web Graphics

Your Internet presence is the core of what we do because it plays such a vital role in the success of all other facets of your business. Your website is often the most crucial factor in a guest’s impression of your business and can be the most influential marketing tool available at your disposal. The best part is, with low overhead and only minor maintenance costs, your website can easily pay for itself and still be the most cost-effective form of marketing for your money.

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Print Services

Brochures, Posters & Flyers, Business Cards

Once you have a great website, bring clients to it with a great logo, print marketing such as brochures or flyers, business cards, and more.

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Multimedia Services

For whatever else lies out there, let us build entertaining experiences for your company including video, games, kiosks, prototypes, and more.

Other Services from the Intergalactic Network

We work with select professionals we call members of our ‘Intergalactic Network’. We provide our referrals only to trusted businesses we have personally done business with and can attest to their overall value, high-quality of work, fair pricing, and commitment to their clients. While we do not offer these services directly, these partners offer services that we would stand behind as if it were our own and would happily work seamlessly with them as an intermediary for completing whatever sort of project you may need.

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What Clients Say

"Chris is simply wonderful to work with. He is a talented website designer and developer who brings both creative and technical expertise to your project--often a rare combination to find in one person!"
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Why Work With Us?

  • Professional service
  • High-quality product
  • Creative, growing, enthusiastic team
  • Unique ideas that bring each project to life
  • On-time and on-budget solutions
  • Honesty, integrity, and fairness

Our Mission

To excite viewers with impactful interactive media, to aid others through the use of the technology, and to help businesses grow and succeed in their market.

Starcresc Interactive Multimedia in Buffalo, NY