We’re Upgrading to Serve You Better! Anticipate downtime 06/27/20

A Quick Recap

Here at Starcresc, we have been working on some exciting changes which are still simmering away, but we’ve already begun implementing some changes which have made their way off the stove already:

  1. In the last quarter of 2019, we introduced our new Customer Portal which allows us to better serve you and expedite your support requests, and allow for easier billing, and an at-a-glance view of your entire history with us.
  2. In the first quarter of 2020, we’ve launched our new logo, branding, and our shiny new website which was phase one of our initial plans.
  3. Now, for the second quarter of 2020, we are upgrading our web hosting servers to better accommodate new clients and better distribute space and resources on our server.

What’s Happening?

The technical reasons for the upgrade are many, but essentially we will be upgrading our servers to provide a better experience for our customers. Our previous partner has done a great job for us, but we have simply grown to the point where we need more resources and upgrading the existing server makes less sense than simply migrating to a new one.

When Is This Happening?

As a result, on 06/27/20, you can anticipate the potential for a brief website outage. Our server team will be transferring websites over to the new hosting environment seamlessly in the background one-by-one so nothing needs to be done by you at all. There should be very little downtime for this process, but there is a potential for it which is why we want you to be aware.

Who Is Affected?

  • This will affect all websites on our servers. If your website is hosted elsewhere, the potential for disruption is diminished but may still be possible as we will be updating nameservers and DNS during this change.
  • Regarding websites, please make any updates/changes to websites the night prior to 06/27/20 to avoid any data loss. Additionally, please hold off making changes until 06/28/20.
  • Regarding billing and the customer portal: The customer portal and Starcresc website may be unavailable for a period of time on 06/27/20. Any invoices that are due, or any payments that need to be made should be completed prior to that date. We will be delaying payments and waiving any late fees that arise due to the timeframe of this outage.
  • Regarding support, we have made a conscious push to direct customers to our new Customer Portal whenever possible, (seriously, it’s awesome!) but on 06/27/20 you are asked to please call the office directly 716-791-7827 or email info@starcresc.com if you have any support questions or concerns.
  • Website change requests made on 06/27/20 will be postponed until after the server migration is finalized.


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