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April 2020
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You Don’t Need A Website

A website is a waste of time and money. You can build it yourself for a fraction of the cost – and there’s even free website templates you can use. Why would you need an overpriced professional? You don’t need a website!

A Website is a Waste of Money

Why would you waste time on a website when you could spend double the amount on a one-time phone book ad? Everyone in the entire state gets a phone book, afterall. It’s delivered free right to their door. And everyone looks to the phone book when they need to look up a number or address so its a win-win. Surely when they go through those pages one by one to search for the number they’re looking for – if you can just make your 2-inch by 2-inch ad spectacular enough with huge fonts and big spiky call-outs it will be enough to grab their attention for a split-second, long enough for them to completely understand your business and want to pick up the phone and call you. So, who needs a website?

You Can Build It Yourself

You’ve got that long Memorial Day weekend coming up – certainly you can crank out a website in 72 hours. Well, 72 hours minus a few hours for sleep, oh and maybe an hour for diaper changes over 3 days, a few hours for dinner -but most of the time you’ll just eat at the desk! Oops! -Forgot about that piano recital: there’s a couple hours at least. And then you get stuck by Principal Woodsworth complaining about the lack of funding for an hour and you have to smile and nod while time slowly slips away and suddenly its Sunday night and you haven’t even started! Well – you’ll start our fresh tomorrow morning for sure.

Boot up that free website builder and let’s get to work. Surely this is easy enough to do – after all they advertise it as “build your own website with no knowledge needed!” Look at all the free templates available – nevermind that you’re pretty sure you saw that same design on a funeral home website last week, it looks great -oh look you can change it to blue instead of yellow. Now it looks nothing like that funeral home!

You spend all day and night on the site and Tuesday morning wake up in a pool of drool with a half-finished website that doesn’t look great and why in the blue blazes can’t you change that blue button to purple?! Oh well, nobody will notice, right? You don’t really need a website.

Professionals are Overpriced

You don’t have $3000 to spend for a good website – your budget couldn’t even make a flexible payment plan as low as a few hundred dollars a month. $3,000 is way too much to spend. Period. Just think of the last DIY project you did. You completed that Gazebo all on your own – it just took all of your free time and energy for 2 weeks, cost about $1,500 in products, another $500 in tools, and you’re still not sure you did it “right” and holding your breath that it’ll last through the summer. You know what looks good. You don’t need someone to tell you what they’ve learned works or doesn’t over many years of working in the industry. You know best. You DON’T need a website!

Facebook is All You Need

All of your customers come from Facebook anyway. Everyone uses Facebook. Except most of your friends, -but mostly everyone else uses Facebook. You have a rocking Facebook page, people are commenting on it all the time! The local news even shared that one cat photo you put up. Your restaurant sits empty, but that Facebook page is really kickin’. Why do you need a website?!

You Don’t Use Websites

You never look things up online. So nobody does, right? If you want to know something you call a family member or friend. Afterall, when you needed remodeling done you called up Uncle Darryl who recommended that contractor he used 20 years ago who ended up leaving your dining room in shambles for 2 years while you filed non-stop BBB complaints to get him to finish the job. You like to deal with faces. Face-to-face. In-person. Everyone is the same as you, -everyone. Right? You don’t really need a website? …Do you?

Your Nephew Can Build One

OK… maybe you do need a website… but surely, your nephew will build it for you. He does something related to computers. He’s a secretary at a law firm or something – surely he can crank out a business website and you can guilt him into doing it for cheap being family and all too. Win-win! He builds you a basic site using some random unsupported software he found but now, 6-months later he’s off in Hawaii and you need to take off your “winter special” and he won’t be back for 3-weeks. Meanwhile, people keep angrily threatening to report you for false advertising a special you don’t offer anymore but you have no access to the site and no way to make those changes. When he gets back, he doesn’t have a clue how to get back in and make the changes to it because he did that “like 6 months ago” and doesn’t even remember what email address he used. Then the site gets hacked into and displaying some anti-American propaganda and another country’s flag.

Oh well, just like you said, you don’t need a website anyway!